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Founded in 2017 in Skopje, Macedonia, we bring our love and passion for unique clothing pieces to the world. We are an innovation driven company that wants to shake the fashion industry in Macedonia and beyond from the core. Inspired by the strong, ambitious women who know that every aspect of life is a chance to express yourself.


Do you love the moment you fall in love? The fast heartbeat, the rush of emotions, the adrenaline surge, the expression on your face? Love can appear everywhere and at any moment, overwhelming you by the flame of passion, whether it is caused by a pattern, object, feeling, person, pace or anything else. Passion awakened by love fosters an entirely new side of us, boosts our self-confidence and the acquisition of unlimited power. Women are unique work of nature, capable of deeply loving, showing compassion and empathy.

We are WOMEN.


What sets us apart is the bold patterns, the dedication to every detail of the creations, the sensuality and the desire to make each women feel unique. Atelier Per Sempre is led by exceptional artistic and professional designer, who aims to create timeless, highly desired and powerful masterpieces.


Coming from a family with rich tailor history and grandfather well known high-class tailor around Macedonia, Jasminka Stojanovska was a product of the cultural heritage she was exposed to growing up. In elementary school she had her first touch the sewing needle, when the passion started running through her veins. With her roots coming from the capital city of Macedonia, Skopje, she was surrounded by strong willed individuals who loved to immerse themselves in elegance and high quality textiles and taste.


Eventually, when asked to choose her studies field she proceeded to electrical engineering and information technology, hoping that one day she will use her creativity and innovation in creating stunning masterpieces with the help of the computer power and precision. Unfortunately, at the period when she graduated, in Macedonia and the nearby countries this industry was was not developed enough, so she was required to switch her career path and continue in the field of IT and Data Science. This never stopped her from creating new designs and developing her skills. In fact, that was her favorite getaway and way to express herself and stay true to her soul and nature.


Going through some hard times that live brought her and succeeding to fight for herself and her daughters, she is becoming a symbol of strength and independence. Knowing that nothing can stop her, she decides that her next step should be fulfilling her lifelong dream and passion, so she established her designer brand “Atelier Per Sempre”( per sempre –ital.-“forever”; symbol of the eternal battle, strength and independence, but at the same time representing the everlasting elegance, femininity and passion that come with them).


The power she shows all her life, intellect and the individualistic attitude shaped her design direction and inspiration which eventually shaped Per Sempre women. The fight she has been through and the victory she won have manifested into what the brand has become.

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